Earlier I speculated about what the death of Ted Kennedy means for conservatives who have relied on him as the stereotypical liberal for roughly 40 years. But there’s another symbolic void created by Kennedy’s absence from the.

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It’s not just this presidential election where the Catholic vote serves as a leading indicator of the national vote. In the five presidential races prior to this one, the candidate who carried the Catholic vote won four of them.

LEARN MORE · Guest Blog: Undocumented Immigrants Deserve Mercy. March 28, 2018. LEARN MORE · Sr. Simone: Citizenship Question Goes. THE ISSUES. NETWORK's issue agenda is informed by. Catholic Social Justice and the lived experience of real people. NETWORK SOCIAL. The latest happening around the.

Despite the wooing of the Catholic vote, the Pope and Mr Bush will differ on a range of issues, from the death penalty, to which the Pope is implacably opposed, to trade sanctions against Cuba, which Mr Bush has vowed to step up but.

The mission of CatholicVote.org is to educate and inspire Americans of all faiths to prioritize the issues of life, faith, and family.

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Jul 28, 2017. The goal of the blog was precisely that—to be a “new voice” for authentic and consistent Catholic social teaching. Most of us on that blog hewed. Now, it would be one thing for these folks to claim that Christian discernment leads them to hold their noses and vote Republican. This is a perfectly acceptable,

The question is very simple. Can a faithful Catholic vote for Hillary Clinton? But first, let’s get some things straight: First, my opinion doesn’t really matter.

Sep 26, 2017. I came to believe, based on the words of a community I'd come to trust, that to vote “democrat” was to commit a mortal sin, according to my faith tradition, because the democratic party was “the party of abortion.” The New York Times recently said the same thing, but Catholic blogs have been saying this for.

Jul 27, 2016. Having given the obligatory caveats, commenter Missy Farber kindly provided this link to the Society's position on proper Catholic principles for voting at my request. It's been a while, because I haven't heard anything from any of the local Fraternity priests yet this cycle (while hoping that comes soon), but.

Trump won the Catholic vote by a margin of 52 to 45%, the polls showed. Most surveys before the election had shown Hillary Clinton winning more Catholic votes. Protestants gave Trump a larger edge, opting for the Republican candidate.

Working For Justice in Our Church and World: a Call to Action 20/30 blog.

Google Play Books Update Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Richard Silverstein Blog He was 66. Mr. Silverstein had severe coronary artery disease, according to the Associated Press. Friends said he had recently complained of an upset stomach and "didn’t feel

Can a Catholic vote for a Democrat? Guided by your conscience Does a Catholic always have to vote for the presidential candidate who opposes abortion?

About. Carrie Gress has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America and is a faculty member at Pontifex University. Dr. Gress is a regular blogger at The National Catholic Register and has written for numerous publications, including Aleteia, Catholic Vote, Catholic World Report, The Federalist, and The.

Welcome to the Forte Catholic blog! I hope that this content will help you in your day to day walk with Christ and His Church! There are traditional text blogs, recordings of my speaking engagements, and video resources to help you grow in your faith. Blessings!

Feb 18, 2017. 1) speak out against the executive order banning people from seven Muslim majority countries and refugees and vote against any legislation that would support such a ban; 2) vote for the Protect American Families Act; 3) vote against any funding or authorization of a border wall; 4) vote against repealing.

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There’s no shortage of people proclaiming the Nov. 6 contest between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney one of the most important elections ever for the country. Add Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino to.

Mar 08, 2012  · To feed this demand, this blog is entering the election year fray with a weekly series, "Catholics care. Catholics vote," which will run from now through May.

In 2016, most of the polls were wrong, period. And polls predicting that Hillary Clinton would run away with the Catholic vote proved more wishful than accurate.

Jul 27, 2016. Two-thirds of churchgoing evangelical Obama supporters described their vote as “for Obama” rather than “against Romney” but the proportions are exactly flipped for Clinton. Matthew Schmitz, a Catholic and the literary editor of “First Things,” a journal published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life,

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But they started to come around once he secured the nomination. “We have not yet endorsed his candidacy, but we like a lot of the things he is saying,” said Brian Burch of Catholic Vote, a conservative group not officially associated with the.

Charles and David Koch. Sheldon Adelson. Karl Rove. George Soros. The index is long of those who aren’t running for president but will nevertheless influence the outcome. To the list we need to add Pope Francis. Unlike the others, the.

The following was written by Frank K. Flinn, Ph.D., adjunct professor of religious studies in Arts & Sciences and author of the Encyclopdia of Catholicism (2007). Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden is telling the Catholics in.

Can a Catholic vote for a Democrat? Moral considerations Catholics must consider all the moral issues at stake when choosing a presidential candidate.

BOB ABERNETHY: Political experts say Roman Catholics are among the most important swing votes in this election. Catholics support the Democratic Party overwhelmingly, but Kim Lawton reports there are growing political divisions.

Mar 26, 2018  · These are adolescents and teens, feeling pressured beyond unnoticed breakpoints. The irony is, collectively, these young people who are committing suicide to escape pressures to perform mostly grew up shielded from failure.

Opinion polls have shown a close battle for the Catholic vote at the national level with a slight edge for Obama. Catholics account for nearly a quarter of U.S. adults. The electoral clout of the Catholic vote is somewhat diluted by its distribution.

Feb 7, 2012. A lot of Republican readers of this other blogs would beg to differ, and have often written here with annoyance to described the Bishops as “liberal” and have indicated disgust at how many Catholics vote Democrat. And Catholic Democrats too take annoyance at the Bishops for being too “conservative” on.

When Catholic Vote, a US-based organisation who describe themself as a ‘conservative, non-profit political advocacy group’ released an anti-gay marriage video dressed up as a coming out story, people were understandably upset and.

Feb 29, 2008. The guy who endorsed John McCain on the same day that William Buckley, the founder of the modern conservative movement and a devout Catholic, died. John Hagee is an anti-Catholic bigot. He likes to the call the Catholic Church “the Great Whore.” Nice. John McCain doesn't need Hagee's support.

Oct 4, 2016. You, dear reader, are not obligated to vote for Trump. <——— Did you see that? Because if I get comments saying, "But, Leila, Catholics are not obligated to vote for Trump!" I am going to refer you back to this bullet point. Please respect the fact that I have made this very clear, with a little red highlight and all.

So fourteen Catholic senators voted for this barbaric, inhumane practice to still be legal in the United States and thereby assured its continuation.

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s powerful Catholic church vowed Friday to maintain pressure on President Joseph Kabila to step down, at a highly-charged mass for people killed in a protest march last month. “The march of Christians.

Catholic Answers, a think tank, has developed a voter’s guide for the conscientious Catholic voter. The guide helps the serious Catholic vote consistently with moral teaching. The guide identifies five “non-negotiable” issues to help narrow.

Catholic Prayers – A, $1.99 2,000+ Catholic Prayers. Catholic TV & Radio – A, FREE, many Catholic TV & Radio stations available through this App: including EWTN, Catholic TV, Ave Maria Radio and many more. Catholic Vote Mobile – A, D, FREE, Creating a digital community for Catholic voters. CatholicVote.org blogs.

Jul 18, 2016. This is a private opinion blog of one Catholic. On this blog, I don't represent the opinion of any diocese, jurisdiction or parish. I just represent one opinion — my own. The title of this essay is "A Catholic Vote" not "The Catholic Vote" because I speak from the Catholic community not for it. Nevertheless, my.

As the New Year approaches, I would like to recommend a specific resolution for Jesuit universities: be more Catholic. I am a Georgetown University alumna, and the school’s designation as the oldest Jesuit university in the United States was something that always intrigued me. After growing up Catholic and spending time as a peer minister,

USA TODAY: Good luck explaining your abortion vote high-fives to your constituents, senators. By Ashley McGuire When I think of high fives, I usually think of things that are good. Like acing a test. Or winning a race. Or getting an award. Not dismembering late-term babies. That's just me. But apparently that's not Minority.

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So Catholic Vote, please feel free to reach out to us in all your future movie-making endeavors. Contact the author at [email protected] A bizarre video by conservative nonprofit Catholic Vote has been making the rounds these past.

CALLERY, Pa. Conor Lamb, a moderate Democrat vying to win the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th District, told THE WEEKLY STANDARD on Monday that he does not support proposals to ban abortions after 20 weeks, the point at which fetuses can feel pain. “I’d have voted against it,” Lamb answered when asked how he would vote on.

Catholic writer Mark Shea blogs on. 4 million of them will be able to vote for the first time–and they are. My friend Pete Vere has a new blog here at.

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How does a Catholic vote according to an informed Christian conscience? Many resources are available. Let me cite some of the more important among them. Vatican II’s Apostolicam Actuositatem (on the laity) and Gaudium et Spes.

Nov 14, 2017. Matthew J. Cressler The assassination of Martin Luther King marked the beginning rather than the end of Black Catholic freedom struggles.

Can a Catholic vote for a Democrat? Moral considerations Catholics must consider all the moral issues at stake when choosing a presidential candidate.